Our Philosophy

At Georgette Nehme Real Estate we respect people's needs and wants.
We take a lifecycle approach to property and property investment.

Property is about people. We should think of property in terms of people.

The form or type of property is not what really matters. Rather it is functionality that is the most important factor in property investment. The way people make use of property is what determines its true value. People have needs and wants. Property serves some, but not all of these human needs and wants. There are five basic needs and wants that are met by property;

1. Shelter

Property, at its most basic level property provides a shelter for us. This may be as a renter or as an owner. We all have a basic need of shelter. At a more sophisticated level, the staple ingredient of most investors' property portfolio is the investors' own home. In Australia this provides a tax shelter that allows for the realization of tax free capital gains from home ownership. Property investing meets our need for shelter.

2. Growth

Most of us have aspirations of financial security and independence. We need to grow our wealth beyond our earnings from our own personal exertion (labour). Work is hard. By comparison investing is relatively easy. But it also involves an element of risk. One good property investment can be worth a life time of personal exertion. A poor one can cause us a great deal of hardship. Property investing meets our need for growth.

3. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is perhaps one of the most over used words in our daily language but one of the most under rated outcomes from financial planning. What is the point of financial planning if we do not enjoy ourselves on the journey? Property investments by the sea, in the country or on the golf course can enhance our lifestyle. Property investing meets our need for lifestyle.

4. Income

There may come a time in our lifecycle when we will need extra income. This may be to save for a deposit, to service an investment loan, to pay school or university fees, to visit an ageing relative abroad or to fund our retirement. Investing in commercial property can produce high levels of tax advantaged and inflation buffered income for all of these purposes and more. Property investing meets our need for income.

5. Care

Australians are ageing like never before. We are living longer and with more wealth than previous generations. If property investing has served us well during our life, then it had better be able to serve us well in our last years because the government cannot and neither can our superannuation. Investing in property suitable for ageing and in retirement villages might be our last property investment and perhaps the most important. Property investing meets our need for care.

These five outcomes from property investing neatly describe the human lifecycle and the life cycle of a property investor.

Everyone has their own reasons for investing in property and invariably these reasons are inextricably connected to the lifecycle of the property investor. At Georgette Nehme Real Estate we recognise and respect the role of the human lifecycle in property investment.

(We acknowledge that these thoughts and the idea of "the property lifestyle" belong to Michael Teys, lecturer in Property Investment at Charles Sturt University. We remain indebted to him for shaping our thoughts, ideas and beliefs about property and property investment)