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Welcome to Georgette Nehme Real Estate

We extend to everyone a very warm welcome the web-site of Georgette Nehme Real Estate of Lavington NSW, Australia.

Georgette Nehme and James Veneris have brought together their differing yet complimentary backgrounds and areas of knowledge, experience and expertise in providing professional real estate services.

Georgette brings her vast experience as a sales and marketing specialist whilst James compliments and enhances this with his financial and legal expertise in property transactions. Combined, these attributes provide the perfect recipe for a holistic approach towards delivering high quality real estate sales and property management services.

The agency is located in the CBD of Albury’s most populous and fastest growing suburb of Lavington, opposite the Lavington Post Office and the large Centro Shopping Centre complex and caters for all parts of Albury and surrounds.

Georgette Nehme Real Estate - "setting the standard"